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Where are the lines between U.S. House Districts 3 and 7?

Si Cantwell

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Q. Where are the lines between U.S. House Districts 3 and 7? I live downtown and was told that they have once again moved.

A. From the N.C. Board of Elections website, click here here for an interactive map. Plug in your address and it will show you the boundaries of your congressional district.

Here’s another map, also from the state Board of Elections. It shows that the 7th District runs from Brunswick County up through Clinton. The 3rd District runs includes much of downtown and runs north to the Virginia state line.

You can zoom in to see how your block will be affected.

You can find other maps here, including one that shows the old and new districts side by side so you can see how they changed.

While you’re at it, check out the StarNews Voters Guide. Plug in your address and learn about the races you’ll find on your ballot.

Keep up with all the election news at StarNewsOnline.com/Elections.


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