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What is the status of the New Hanover County Parks manager firing?

Ashley Withers

StarNews file photo.

Q. What is the status of the New Hanover County Parks manager firing? Also, who is taking his place? Has there been any decision, or hiring to fill the position?

A. New Hanover County’s director of Parks, Gardens and Senior Resources Jim McDaniel was fired on Sept. 24 after being suspended with pay in mid-September.

McDaniel had worked for New Hanover County since 2005 and earned about $115,000 per year, according to county records.

McDaniel filed an appeal Sept. 26 and according to Wanda Copley, the county attorney, McDaniel has not yet had his appeal hearing.

Once the hearing is held, the county manager will have five days to make a decision regarding his employment.

“There has not been a change in his status,” Copley said.

She said the county’s human resources department should have more information regarding his status on Nov. 1.

Watch for coverage of that in the StarNews and at StarNewsOnline.com.


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