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How can we view footage of the berthing of the Battleship North Carolina?

Si Cantwell

The Battleship North Carolina is maneuvered into place on Oct 2, 1961. Hugh Morton photo courtesy of the New Hanover County Public Library.

The battleship came to Wilmington on Oct. 2, 1961. It’s arrival was photographed extensively, but was also filmed.

We asked Heather Loftin, promotions director at the Battleship North Carolina memorial, how to view the videos:

Originally, the only way to see footage of the Battleship North Carolina coming into Wilmington was to make an appointment with our Museum Department for viewing. As we started to receive more requests about the event, our museum staff wanted to make it more accessible to all.

With technology, the video was digitized and now lies on both the Battleship YouTube page as well as the video gallery at battleshipnc.com. At this time, there is not audio associated with the file, only video.

Click here to view the berthing video.

And click here to watch the celebration and activities on that day in 1961.

There’s no audio for those files, only video.

In addition, we also posted a great 1962 family home video of a trip to the Battleship North Carolina. Courtesy Donna Porath Hargett, daughter of Earl Porath who served on BB-55 during WWII. You can view it by clicking here.


Are the signal flags on the Battleship North Carolina spelling a message or just put up at random?

Why isn’t the Battleship North Carolina docked with the bow facing downtown Wilmington?


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