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Are there laws against businesses test-driving speeding vehicles in neighborhoods?

Brian Freskos

Q. What rules govern automotive repair shops and dealerships using neighborhood streets to test drive vehicles well above the posted speed limits at all times of the day including school hours? (I live in the city limits and it is an increasing concern that two Market Street businesses are using neighborhood streets near their businesses rather than Market Street to test drive cars and motorcycles well above the posted speed limits of 25 mph and during school hours. This happens all too frequently in a neighborhood where children walk to school. Does the city have any rules in place to prevent this?

A. Any one test-driving a vehicle is required to abide by the same traffic laws as every other driver on the road, said Sgt. Mike Donelson, who oversees the Wilmington Police Department’s traffic unit.

In other words, the same rules that govern you when you get behind the wheel of your car apply to dealerships and automotive repair shops when they test-drive a vehicle.

Now that the issue has been brought to the police department’s attention, Donelson said he was going to order police officers under his command to monitor those areas where test-driven vehicles may be breaking traffic laws.

Complaints about possible traffic law violations can be directed to the Wilmington Police Department at 910-343-3600.


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