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What were the two loud jets that flew over NorthChase around 11:30 p.m.. Sept. 5?

Ken Little

Five VMA 231 Harriers do a fly-by before landing at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point. StarNews file photo.

Q. Could someone find out what were the two jets that flew over the NorthChase area across from Laney High School around 11:30 pm. Sept. 5? It sounded as if they were going to crash.

A. The jets were military Harrier “Jump Jet” aircraft that regularly come to Wilmington International Airport for refueling, said Jon Rosborough, ILM director.

“ They routinely conduct military exercises over the ocean. One of our (fixed-base operators) has the fueling contract,” Rosborough said in an email .

The vertical takeoff and landing jet, flown by Marine pilots, is noted for the noise it generates.

“They were doing night ops and likely were taking off from ILM, as that is when they make the most noise,” said Gary Broughton, airport operations director.


Why do Marine Harrier jets land at the Wilmington airport?

Do aircraft landing at Wilmington International Airport ever get fined for flying too low over residential neighborhoods?


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