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What are the orange lights in the sky at night off Oak Island?

John Peaspanen

We took this to our leaders; and what you saw may not be from Earth.

According to the Mutual UFO Network of North Carolina (MUFON-NC), a number of people have reported seeing orange lights in the skies along the coast this year.

MUFON-NC Public Relations Director Israel Curiel said, “Recently, North Carolina and South Carolina have had a dramatic increase in orange fireballs. North Carolina is very active. The only ones that outrank us are California and Texas.”

According to MUFON’s database, orange fireballs were sighted as recently as Sept. 12, 2012 over Snow’s Cut, along Carolina Beach.

But the Oak Island Police Department received no reports of extraterrestrial beings, spacecraft or anything concerning orange lights in the sky over Oak Island.

Public Affairs Officer Del Routh of the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office said, “I sure haven’t heard of anything … maybe military. I have heard some choppers going through here. But we have no reports.”

Curiel is not buying the military explanation though. He said, “I know we have a lot of military aircraft around here. To my knowledge, our aircraft do not hover without making noise. I know a lot of people want to sweep this under the rug, but this is happening.”

Keep an eye on the sky. We may not be alone.

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2 Responses to “ What are the orange lights in the sky at night off Oak Island?”

  1. On October 15, 2012 at 8:24 pm Robin wrote:

    Tonight about two dozen of these lights crossed the sky here in hagerstown md. No sound. Just slowly moved across the sky.

  2. On December 29, 2012 at 12:42 am Susan Donaldson wrote:

    While driving south on Coastal Highway tonight in Ocean City, MD, I nearly wrecked my car trying to figure out what the 3 orange lights were over the Ocean. At first I thought it might be part of a Christmas light display ontop of a tall condo building, but as I drove I realized it was over the Ocean, not the building. I kept having to look at the road so I didn’t crash and when I looked back, 2 of the lights were gone and the third was fading. I thought maybe I had just passed the point of sight, that maybe they were pointed in the north west direction, or that clouds were covering them, so I dismissed it. Then after I got home and let my dogs out, I looked up toward the direction I had seen them in while driving, and they were there again, clear as anything and now there were 4! I watched as they moved together in formation towards me, then 3 of the disappeared and as I stood watching , the fourth faded away. I never heard any sound.