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Will DOT put a stoplight at Green Meadows Drive and Market Street?

Ken Little

Q. What was the result of the DOT investigation last month to determine if a stoplight was warranted at the dangerous intersection of Green Meadows Drive and Market Street (the Dutch Square Industrial entrance)?

A. The N.C. Department of Transportation has given the green light to a traffic signal at the intersection, but the issue of funding has not been resolved.

A review of the intersection was recently completed, said Katherine Hite, Division 3 traffic engineer.

“It was determined that a traffic signal is warranted at this intersection. We are currently working to see if funding is available for the installation of this signal,” Hite said.

Once a funding source is identified, a design can be developed and the signal can be scheduled for installation, she said.

There is no set timetable.

“We are unable to move forward with this signal until funding is secured,” Hite said.


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