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Why didn’t the city put a red light camera on Market Street near Blair Elementary?

Katie Coleman

Q. Am I the only one that thinks it is crazy that the city put a red light camera up on Forest Hills Drive instead of in front of Blair Elementary School on Market Street? I see that light getting run daily and it is just a matter of time before someone is killed trying to take their child to school.

A. The red light system for Wilmington was initially installed in 2000. The sites were established based on objective analysis of intersection crash patterns. According to Don Bennett, city traffic engineer, the analysis looked specifically at crashes related to red light running.

When the contract was renewed in 2009 and upgraded in 2010, the locations were reevaluated to determine if the initial crash patterns still existed. If so, the site was upgraded. If not, then it was removed and the next site on the list was considered for camera installation. The list consists of intersections in the annual count and crash report published by the WMPO.

Bennett said, “With regard to whether Blair Elementary was in the city in 2000, I believe that area was part of the 1995 annexation area that was made effective in 1999. It may have been outside the city during the site selection process.” The enabling legislation from the General Assembly to operate a photo-enforcement system applies only to the city of Wilmington.


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