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Why are all those dilapidated cars parked in front of the the old Sticky Fingers restaurant?

Mike Voorheis

Old cars in front of the closed Sticky Fingers restaurant on Market Street in July 2012 were part of filming for the TV show 'Revolution.' Photo by Mary Anne Ware.

The site is being used as a filming location for “Revolution,” the NBC series being filmed in Wilmington.

“The sci-fi adventure will tell an apocalyptic tale about a world where all forms of energy have mysteriously disappeared, leaving everyone in total darkness and separation,” StarNews reporter Cassie Foss wrote in an article on July 13.

Click here to read the article by Cassie Foss about the show


StarNews: ‘Revolution’ shoots on Market Street

What were they filming at the house at Central Boulevard and Carolina Beach Road?

Does anybody know the name of a locally filmed movie about a traveling medical team?

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