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When was Legion Stadium built and how was it financed?

John Peaspanen

Legion Stadium played host to the BB&T Football Jamboree on Aug. 14, 2009. Staff Photo BY PAUL STEPHEN / STAR NEWS

This one appeared to be lost in time until we contacted the New Hanover County Public Library.

 Special Collections Librarian Joseph Sheppard found an Oct. 29, 1935, newspaper article from the then-Wilmington Morning Star (now the StarNews).

In the story, J.B. Edwards of American Legion Post 10 presented the county commissioners with a contract to lease land that would become the Legion Sports Complex. Edwards said that the $119,000 projects had been approved and would begin construction shortly thereafter.

Unfortunately, we could not find the exact date of the stadium construction and its completion.

Superintendent for Recreation and Downtown Services Amy Beatty said, “The history I have on Legion Stadium dates back to 1935. American Legion Post 10 gifted the tract of land, known as Legion Sports Complex, to New Hanover County, to be developed into a public recreational field through WPA funds. The contract provided that, in consideration of the gift, the County shall lease the property back to Post 10 for a period of 20 years. The contract provided that Post 10 shall operate the field solely as a public recreational ground.”

Since the initial lease, multi-phased renovations have occurred at the complex at a cost of approximately $6 million. Cost of the renovations is paid jointly by the City of Wilmington and New Hanover County. Wilmington handles all expenses for operations and maintenance.


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