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What places specialize in vintage audio equipment sales and repair?

John Peaspanen


Q. What places around town specialize in vintage audio equipment sales and repair? Any suggestions?

A. Thanks to reader tips on Facebook, we came up with three potential resources for vintage audio equipment in Wilmington.

Mark Moore Audio Solutions, 3302 Bragg Drive, set up shop locally after the owner moved to town from Connecticut in 2009.

“I repair, restore and redesign vintage audio equipment,” said Moore. “High-end home stereo (including) Macintosh, Marantz, Crown, Mark Levinson, Krell, and others, both tube and solid-state; components such as receivers, amplifiers, preamplifiers, EQs and accessories. I do not sell vintage audio equipment.”

Moore says his business offers component-level repairs, rebuilt and tested to original specs; cabinet work and fine carpentry; electrical troubleshooting and repair, and sourcing of hard-to-find or obsolete electrical components.

“I’ve been doing this all my life,” said Moore, who is doing what he loves for a living. “I repaired and restored audio equipment and musical instruments in Connecticut, and worked at Madrigal Audio Labs from 1984 through 2003, where as an electrical engineer, I designed state-of-the-art, solid-state audiophile and home theater components. I’ve been a musician all my life, and also repair pro audio and musical instruments.”

Call Mark Moore Audio Solutions at 910-409-0103 or check out their Web site at www.markmooreaudiosolutions.com.

At Swart Amplifier Company, 2031 Wrightsville Ave., Michael Swart and Kelly Holsten have been producing well-respected guitar amplifiers for musicians worldwide for nearly a decade.

While the business does not repair vintage audio equipment, there is an appreciation and understanding of the components. It is this love of such equipment that drives and inspires Swart’s sonic creations.

Holsten explains, “We actually make hand-made tube guitar amplifiers, which although similar in style and build to vintage gear, would not be considered vintage or audio equipment. We do happen to like and own vintage tube amps for audio and might occasionally sell one, but not as a business. And we just don’t have time to do repairs to audio gear these days.”

For more information on Swart Amplifiers Company, call 910-620-2512 or go to their Web site swartamps.com.

A third local business, Gravity Records, was mentioned by readers as a source for vintage audio. Unfortunately, repeated attempts to speak with the owners were not acknowledged. To see if the business repairs and/or sells vintage audio equipment, call 910-392-2414. The business does not have an active Web site, but they may be followed on Facebook and Twitter.


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