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Is a movie crew filming post-apocalypse scenes at the old Ideal Cement plant?

Cassie Foss

NBC's new series "Revolution" was filming in the old railroad bed in downtown Wilmington recently. Wilmington's downtown will stand in as Chicago, according to a city film permit. In the scene, characters walk down an empty highway/railroad tracks and through woods under the Fifth Avenue bridge. Staff Photo By PAUL STEPHEN/StarNews

Q. Is it true that a movie crew is filming post-apocalypse scenes this week at the old Ideal Cement plant in Castle Hayne?

NBC’s new series “Revolution” filmed at the former Ideal Cement Plant in Castle Hayne in late July, according to one of the show’s location scouts, Vick Griffin.

“Revolution” began filming in the Wilmington area after producers shot its pilot episode in Atlanta. J.J. Abrams (“Lost”) is a producer, while “Iron Man” helmer Jon Favreau directed the pilot.

The series is set 15 years in the future after an event that mysteriously causes all electronic equipment to stop functioning.

The show’s location scouts have been on the lookout for sites that look as if they were lost in time.

“Anything that’s kind of industrial and abandoned looking, we’re interested in,” Griffin said.

In early August, crews imagined what would happen to a chain restaurant – in this case, Wilmington’s former Sticky Fingers restaurant redubbed “Hannigan’s” – if all the lights went out and Mother Nature took over.

At the Market Street set, dirt, weeds and vines bought by the show’s greenery crews clogged the lawn of the vacant eatery and crept up the side of the brick building. A rusted-out Audi, 90s-era Plymouth Voyager and a school bus marked “Tri County Transit Line” littered the parking lot.

“We have found an embarrassment of riches in terms of locations that are naturally already overgrown with vines,” series creator Eric Kripke said. “These locations give what is supposed to be an organic, golden lit, beautiful look. We want this world to be hopeful and romantic and lovely and nature is taking it back. If we do our job right, it will be a world the audience wants to visit every week and will want to chuck their iPhones and go live there.”

The sci-fi adventure is expected to film in the area at least through November and will premiere on NBC on Sept. 17.


Why are all those dilapidated cars parked in front of the the old Sticky Fingers restaurant?

What is the economic impact and number of jobs created by film productions?

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