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Does DOT plan to reduce the 55 mph limit on Carolina Beach Road?

Patrick Gannon

Q. Does the N.C. DOT have a plan to reduce the 55 mph speed limit on Carolina Beach Road between Sanders Road and Myrtle Grove Road? It seems that the traffic signals along that stretch of road are not timed to allow a steady flow of traffic, making it difficult to maintain a constant speed anyway.

A. The Department of Transportation recently received a request from a resident to study speed limits on Carolina Beach Road, or U.S. 421, from Monkey Junction to the Snow’s Cut Bridge, said Jessi Booker, assistant division traffic engineer with DOT Division 3. The stretch from Sanders Road to Myrtle Grove Road is included in that study.

Study results should be available within several weeks, and speed limits may be changed based on the results, Booker said.

The DOT determines speed limits primarily by the 85th-percentile speed on a particular stretch of road, the speed at which or below 85 percent of the motorists travel along that stretch.

Booker said she would also submit a request to look at the timing of the traffic signals along that stretch.


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One Response to “ Does DOT plan to reduce the 55 mph limit on Carolina Beach Road?”

  1. On September 3, 2013 at 5:51 pm Terry wrote:

    Must be the reason why hardly any of the drivers even go the current speed limit. If it is lowered it will only slow traffic down that much more……as if my commute home doesn’t take long enough as it is.