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Are there any official parking rules for 2-wheeled vehicles?

Ashley Hanners

Q. Are there any official parking rules for 2-wheeled vehicles? Are there any differences between mopeds, scooters, dirtbikes and motorcycles when parking? I just bought a street legal dirtbike and want to avoid tickets. Some people take up a whole car space, some park at the end of marked spaces, while others park right up on the sidewalk. I’ve successfully parked at the end of spaces at Wrightsville Beach without getting a ticket, just wondering.

A. Genna Porter, with the City of Wilmington Parking Management Office, explains that “two-wheeled vehicles registered with the NCDMV must adhere to the parking rules just as any other motorized vehicle parking downtown would. They must be parked on the street in a legal parking space, pay the meter for the time they are using the space, and acknowledge the time limits.”

Porter said that in the downtown area, there are a number of on-street spaces designated for motorcycle use only. However, in areas where there are no motorcycle designated spaces, more than one motorcycle may park in the space as long as the meter is paid. There are also parking spaces available in the City-owned decks, located on Second Street, where all drivers receive the first hour free. Visit wilmingtonnc.gov/parking or contact Park Wilmington at (910) 762-5678 for more information.

Specific to Wrightsville Beach, Brennan Robison, Communications Consultant at Lanier Parking Solutions says “unregistered (no license plate) vehicles such as scooters are treated the same as bicycles, so they can park for free in any location where a bicycle can park.”

However, Robison went on to say that “if the dirt bike is registered and has a license plate, it is treated like a motorcycle and must be parked in a legal space. In surface lots and diagonal on-street spaces (not parallel spaces), up to four motorcycles may legally park in a single marked parking space regulated through the use of a pay station provided each motorcycle displays an appropriate receipt indicating that the required fee has been paid for parking through the appropriate pay station.”

Parking enforcement policies in the Town of Wrightsville Beach are governed by the Town’s Code of Ordinances, which are available on the Town’s website at townofwrightsvillebeach.com. See section 74.38.1 (B)(2) LIMITATION ON NUMBER OF VEHICLES PER PARKING SPACE for further information regarding this specific question.

In Southport, Southport Police Chief J.V. Dove, there are “no special restrictions or allowance within the city” for parking 2-wheeled vehicles. Contact the police department at (910) 457-7917 for additional questions.


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