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Why were Thalian Hall parking spaces reserved for City Council members on July 4?

Brandy Bryant

Q. Just wondering who decided it was a good idea to place cones reserving spaces for City Council members on the night of July 4th in the Thalian Hall parking lot? Spaces remained empty while theater-goers struggled to find parking. And of course most of the spaces were taken hours before performance time by people not attending the Thalian Hall event. When there is a scheduled event, the lot parking should be reserved for those attending, don’t you think? Yes, even on the 4th of July!

A. MyReporter contacted the executive director for Thalian Hall, Tony Rivenbark, and he is well aware that the parking lot beside the theater lacks enough spaces for patrons.

“There is definitely not enough parking in that lot for theater-goers,” Rivenbark said. “I would suggest taking advantage of the two parking decks and the abundance of street parking. Both options are available at night and on weekends.”

In regard to parking lot having several reserved spaces that often go unused, Rivenbark says that the reserved spaces are out of the Thalian Hall’s control.

“This particular lot is controlled by the county,” says Rivenbark. “The parking spots reserved for City Council members are never available for public parking and were reserved with cones due to the fireworks show on the Fourth of July.”

Rivenbark says the theater is lucky to have access to this parking lot and even though the available spaces are limited, they are thankful the county allows the theater to use them.


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