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Why isn’t there more publicity on the websites where citizens can do some good?

Ken Little


Q. Why isn’t there more publicity on the sites where citizens can do some good, such as the N.C. DOT site where vehicles with severe emissions (visible) can be reported?

A. There are plenty of websites where citizens can help others, report events like severe weather or even alert authorities to vehicles emitting noxious clouds of smoke.

Some websites offer a more general opportunity to assist someone in need.

In that vein, there is the http://www.helpothers.org/site, which states: “Kindness is contagious. Welcome to a portal dedicated to small acts of kindness.”

The website http://www.bethecause.org/blog/ “is a network of individuals who not only wish to make a difference in the world but also wish to change their own lives in the process.”

The National Weather Service office in Wilmington offers online training for weather spotters. To get involved, go to www.erh.noaa.gov/ilm/skywarnspotter/onlinespotter/index.php

To report severe weather to the NWS by phone, call 1-866-763-4466.

Information on helping animals is available at the American Humane Society website: www.americanhumane.org

To report a lost or found pet (or personal property), craigslist has a site: http://wilmington.craigslist.org/laf/

To report crime anonymously in Wilmington, the city Wilmington Police Department has a system that allows citizens to text message tips anonymously. The message first goes to a national server where all sender-identifying information is removed. Only the crime tip is forwarded on to the WPD. To report a crime, test TIP708 and the message to CRIMES (274637).

The message must begin with TIP708.

When the message is received at CRIMES, the name and cell phone number will be stripped from the message before it is forwarded to the WPD.

Citizens will receive an immediate text reply that includes a confidential identification number.

For more information visit http://www.tip708.com/

To report drug activity, the Drug Hotline number is (866) WPD-NARC or by email at wpdnarc@gmail.com

If a crime is observed, call CrimeStoppers at (800) 531-9845. Rewards up to $5,000 are offered.


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