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When did the high tides on Topsail Island take over the beach? Can anything be done to reclaim it?

This aerial taken May 9, 2006 shows the erosion problem on North Topsail. Photo by MATT BORN / WILMINGTON STAR-NEWS

Coastal communities employ a number of tactics to fight beach erosion, most commonly renourishment, where sediment from other areas is pumped onto shorelines in need of sand.

Last year, the General Assembly approved the permitting and construction of up to four terminal groin structures along the coast; four beach communities – Figure Eight Island, Holden Beach, Ocean Isle Beach and Bald Head Island – are currently seeking permits for the permanent erosion control structures.

Sandbags have also been used to control erosion but under state law are not permitted to remain on beaches permanently.


Is anything being done about the erosion at Snow’s Cut Park?

Why do they call it Topsail Island?

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