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What is going to happen to the former Naval Reserve building on Lake Shore Drive?

Shelby Sebens

Q. What is the status or what is going to happen to the former Naval Reserve building on Lake Shore Drive at Greenfield Lake?

A. The building is currently vacant. The city expects to have the property deeded over by the end of the summer, Community Services Director Steve Harrell said.

“As part the City’s 10 Year Plan for the Prevention of Homelessness, the Center (which has already been vacated by the Army and Navy Reserves and is currently vacant) is to be demolished by the City and permanent transitional housing is to be constructed on the site by the Lakeside Partners of Wilmington, Inc. – said partners composed of Wilmington Interfaith Hospitality Network, the Good Shepherd Center and Wilmington Housing Finance and Development, Inc.,” Harrell said.

Ultimately, ownership of the building will be transferred to Lakeside Partners for construction and management of the permanent transitional housing.

To read the documents concerning the city’s plans for the building in .pdf form, click here.


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