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How does DOT plan to handle traffic when the bridges over the Brunswick River are replaced?

Patrick Gannon

Q. How does NCDOT plan to handle traffic on US 17/74/76 NC 133 when the bridges over the Brunswick River are being replaced?

A. The bridges over the Brunswick River are expected to be replaced beginning in the summer of 2014, with the project taking about three and a half years to complete, according to Amanda Glynn, division bridge program manager with the N.C. Department of Transportation’s Division 3.

To manage traffic, the DOT plans to build an “onsite detour bridge,” a temporary bridge next to the existing bridges for the purpose of keeping lanes open to traffic, Glynn said.

The DOT plans to maintain two lanes of traffic in each direction, except for nights and possibly some temporary closures when doing certain work, such as paving.

The project will take longer in part because the DOT is not allowed to do any work in the water from Feb. 15 to September 30 as part of a moratorium to protect certain aquatic species, Glynn said.


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