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Do any City Council members actually live in the city limits?

Shelby Sebens

They all live in the city.

To run for city council, you must live in the city of Wilmington, as required by the N.C. Constitution, New Hanover County Board of Elections Director Marvin McFadyen said.

Here is a summary by Robert Joyce at the UNC School of Government that explains the residency requirements :

“To be eligible to hold an elective office in North Carolina — county commissioner, city council member, school board member, any other elective office — you must be eligible to vote for that office. More precisely, the state’s Constitution (Article VI, Sec. 8 ) provides that you are disqualified for office if you are ‘not qualified to vote in an election for that office.’ To be qualified to vote for an office, you must reside in the appropriate jurisdiction — the county or city or other electoral district (Article VI, Sec. 2). So, your eligibility to be elected to office or to continue in office turns on your residency for voting purposes.”


Can city council members be elected by wards instead of citywide?

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