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Are there any plans to add a bicycle lane along Rogersville Road?

Julian March

Mayor Bill Saffo, right, talks with cyclist Robert Boyce, left, after the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Cross-City Trail Phase 1 at Eastwood and Rogersville Roads Friday, Aug. 29, 2008. Staff Photo By Mike Spencer/STAR-NEWS

Q. Are there any plans to add a bicycle lane along Rogersville Road? The bicycle traffic along this road has greatly increased with cyclists using it more to get  from Wrighsville Avenue to the Gary Shell Cross-City Trail on Eastwood Road. Rogersville Road is narrow and I have seen some near-misses on the curves. Cyclists ride in the middle of the lanes along with cars and this is quite dangerous.

A. There are plans to add bicycle lanes; there just isn’t any money for the project.

The Cape Fear Commutes 2035 Transportation Plan recommends the installation of bicycle lanes on Rogersville Road between Eastwood Road and Wrightsville Avenue, said Mike Kozlosky, the executive director of the Wilmington Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization.

But planners have not found funding for the improvements, he said.


Will the bicycle/walking path be extended from Military Cutoff to Porters Neck?

How bicycle friendly is Wilmington?

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