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Why doesn’t Rocky Point Primary School fly the American flag?

Pressley Baird

Q. Why doesn’t Rocky Point Primary School fly the American flag?I know they have one because the PTO had to buy it for the school.It is very sad to us veterans.

A. Rocky Point Primary does have a flag, and they do fly it, said Principal Donna Redinger – but recent rainy weather has made that difficult.

Rain showers got the flag wet, so school officials took it down and laid it out in the conference room to dry, Redinger said. The school’s flag is new – the school’s parent-teacher organization bought one this year – so Redinger said she was upset when it got wet and wanted to dry it out.

After it was dry, Redinger said it took a few days for the school to fly it again.

“We were so busy taking care of children, we forgot,” she said.

But it’s back up now. Students raise it each morning, Redinger said.


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