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Why does Legion Stadium use fireworks for so many events?

Powell Latimer

Fireworks in Southport during the 2006 N.C. Fourth of July Festival. Photo by Darien Hewett.

Q. Why does Legion Stadium use fireworks for  so many events?   It must be expensive. The air and noise pollution from fireworks has to be high.The dogs in the neighborhood cower  in fear and  bark from the time it begins until well after it stops.

Fireworks are only used by the Wilmington Sharks, the city’s summer college wood-bat team, according to Amy Beatty, Superintendent of Recreation and Downtown Services. The Sharks have a permit with the city for fireworks shows and pyrotechnic displays – which sounds way cooler – lasting no longer than 20 minutes and ending no later than 11 p.m. The Sharks are also required by the contract to electronically alert residents of the Sunset Park neighborhood of their plans to use fireworks at least 48 hours beforehand.

The Sharks, according to general manager Andrew Aguilar, have one fireworks display scheduled, for July 3rd. The Sharks and Wilmington Hammerheads, the city’s minor league soccer team, bear the expense of the fireworks themselves, so the city doesn’t pay for the fireworks. Beatty said she wasn’t sure if the Hammerheads used fireworks anymore, though they had in the past.

Complaints or concerns about the fireworks can be directed to the Recreation and Downtown Services Department at 910. 341.7855 or 302 Willard Street.


Is it legal to shoot fireworks in the Wilmington area?

Do you know what the Hammerheads and Sharks pay the City to rent Legion Stadium?

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One Response to “ Why does Legion Stadium use fireworks for so many events?”

  1. On November 26, 2013 at 12:40 am Braxton Lathan Williams wrote:

    I live directly across from Legion stadium and consider the fireworks something that makes our neighborhood special. My kids and I love them and consider them a special treat. I keep my dog indoors and it doesn’t bother him.