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Why did the O’Charley’s restaurant close at the Monkey Junction location?

John Peaspanen

O'Charleys, 6 Van Campen Blvd. Staff Photo By: Ken Blevins/StarNews Media

O’Charley’s at Monkey Junction was a casualty of the economy. Lack of steady business has been cited as the reason for the closure.

Marc Buehler, president of O’Charley’s LLC, issued the following statement:

“After careful review, O’Charley’s has closed our restaurant in Wilmington, N.C. Although we never like to close restaurants, this restaurant was underperforming, so we closed it as part of a plan to further strengthen our company and enable us to build our brand. Restaurant closings that bolster operations are common in our industry.”

Buehler said that all employees of the restaurant will be provided with severance packages and that his company is working with other local employers, in order to help arrange alternate employment for the staff.


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One Response to “ Why did the O’Charley’s restaurant close at the Monkey Junction location?”

  1. On August 23, 2013 at 2:33 pm sthrnboy1970 wrote:

    One thing I noticed was the quality of service suffered after management changes. The economic downturn only exacerbated this problem.