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What happened to the man who was alleged to have attacked his girlfriend with bleach?

John Peaspanen

Prentice Jerome Nixon

What happened to the man who was alleged to have attacked his girlfriend with bleach?

The incident was described in a Behind the Yellow Tape blog post.

He was jailed April 4, 2012, on warrants charging him with throwing bleach on his girlfriend, kidnapping and child abuse stemming from a domestic dispute in February.

According to the Clerk of Courts Office in New Hanover County, Prentice Jerome Nixon, 33, is scheduled to appear in felony court June 14 on charges of kidnapping, throwing acid or alkali, domestic abuse and child abuse.

Wilmington Police Department Cpl. Kevin Smith said officers were called out to Nixon’s South Liberty Court home Feb. 22, after his girlfriend called for paramedics, reporting that Nixon had doused her with bleach and dragged her around the home in view of a 3-year-old girl.

Smith said the woman had tried to flee and Nixon allegedly dragged her and poured bleach onto her. According to police, the woman had chemical burns on her chest, back and neck.

Nixon was not present when officers arrived on the scene. He was later spotted walking in the Hillcrest area and recognized from his warrants. He was arrested without incident.

On June 13, 2012, Nixon was being held on $78,000 bail in the New Hanover County Jail.

When contacted about her client, attorney Iva Ravindran declined comment.


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