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What type of perks does the Azalea Queen recieve? Does she get paid?

F.T. Norton

Azalea Festival Queen Barbara Alyn Woods and her daughters, Natalie Lind (left) and Emily Lind (right) cut the ribbon to kick off the 55th annual Azalea Garden Tour in 2008. File photo by Paul Stephen.

There really aren’t any perks for the Azalea Queen, said Gloria Ezzell, queen coordinator for the Azalea Festival.

“She doesn’t get paid. She gets her gown that she wears on the float and of course the week of being here,” Ezzell said.

The festival foots the bills for the queen to travel to and from Wilmington and she gets room and board for the week, she said.


Why does the Azalea Festival choose queens that have no connection to the Wilmington area?

How come the convention center was not used for the Azalea Festival concerts?


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