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What kind of unmarked vehicles are used by Wilmington Police?

Katie Coleman

Wilmington police officer J.D. Smith (left) stands next to his unmarked Ford Mustang as officer R.S. Harris stands in front of his Dodge Charger. The two new vehicles are part of the Wilmington Police Department's traffic unit. The officers said the unmarked, sporty cars allow them to do police work they were unable to do with marked police vehicles. File photo.

Q. I recently saw a black Lexus GS300 sedan with flashing lights (red in back, blue and white in front) and dark tinted windows pulling a car over downtown. Is this an unmarked WPD police car? If so, what other unmarked vehicles do they use?    I feel it is unsafe to use such an obscure vehicle for traffic violation; I for one, would not feel safe, nor would I want my mother to pull over for a vehicle like that.

A. The Wilmington Police Department uses a variety of unmarked police cars. Most traffic officers driving unmarked police cars will be in Ford Mustangs. Even if the officer is in an unmarked police car, the officer will still be in uniform and the cars do have the red and blue flashing lights.

If you’re being pulled over and are unsure if the car is a police car, Detective Kevin Smith said to call 911. All emergency operators will be aware of any officers pulling someone over for a violation.


Why do police officers leave their cars running when they’re not in them?


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One Response to “ What kind of unmarked vehicles are used by Wilmington Police?”

  1. On May 24, 2012 at 3:53 pm Anon wrote:

    That sounds like the vice narcotics. I know the sheriffs vice narcotics use cadiallac escalades, minivans, audi, lexus, chrysler 300s, pontiacs and various other vehicles seized.