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Are there special arrangements for the beach homes at the north end of Carolina Beach?

Shannan Bowen

Cars line up to enter Freeman Park on the north end of Carolina Beach on March 25, 2011. Staff Photo By Matt Born/Wilmington Star-News.

Q. Are there any special arrangements for the last two beach homes at the north end of Canal Drive in Carolina Beach? Unless the setup has changed recently the two houses appear to be beyond the checkpoint or entry way to Freeman Park. Do they need a pass to get to their house? What about family and friends visiting?

A. Town Manager Tim Owens said there are in fact two homes located past the check-point at Freeman Park, the drive-on beach at the town’s northern end (commonly referred to as the “north end”).

Lanier Parking, a management company, guards the gate there and charges entry fees for people who want to drive on the beach with a 4-wheel-drive vehicle.

But what happens when guests want to visit the people who live in those homes? Owens said gate attendants “would obviously accommodate visitors that wanted to go to the homes.”


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