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Why don’t they have speed bumps on Manly Avenue?

Ken Little

Manly Avenue runs between Princess Place Drive and Maides Park. Staff photo by Si Cantwell.

Q. Why don’t they have speed bumps on Manly Avenue? We have a lot of speeders on this road, going back and forth to Maides Park. 

A. Funding is currently not available, said Don Bennett, city of Wilmington traffic engineer.

He said that Manly Avenue was studied as part of a comprehensive neighborhood traffic study under the former Neighborhood Traffic Management Program.

“Short- and long-term solutions were presented to and agreed upon by the residents in an April 2004 neighborhood meeting.  As a short-term solution, the speed limit on Manley and other nearby streets was lowered to 25 mph,” Bennett said.

The only other proposal presented to the residents was the long-term addition of a pedestrian way from Maides Drive into Maides Park, he said.

“Funding for the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program and the associated construction of the long-term improvements was eliminated as part of the service reductions implemented in 2009,” Bennett said.


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