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Why didn’t the I-140 exit ramp connect to Porters Neck Road?

Julian March

I-140 and Market Street, with the Porters Neck Road vicinity outlined in red. Google.com

Q. When designing the exit ramp off US17/I-140 eastbound, why didn’t DOT plan to route the exit more directly toward Porter’s Neck Road/Market Street intersection rather than having a T-type intersection with southbound Market Street?  Seems this would have been a safer and more logical design, even if it meant bridging the retention pond in its right-of-way.

A. In the project’s original plans, all of the possible corridors connected I-140 directly with U.S. 17, said Jay McInnis, an engineer with the N.C. Department of Transportation.

McInnis, who works in the project development and environmental analysis unit in Raleigh, said I-140 was meant to tie in with U.S. 17.

Porters Neck Road is just a secondary road, he said. Had the plans proposed connecting I-140 traffic with Porters Neck Road, the road would likely have needed to be relocated, McInnis said. Then, you would have had cars and trucks coming off an interstate and mixing with local traffic.

If the intersection were designed differently, it could have affected traffic flow on 17.

“That’s going to hurt the capacity of through traffic on 17,” he said.


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