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What happened to the WWAY 1990′s weatherman named Kim?

Ken Little

Meteorologist Kim Downing on the set of WWAY TV-3 in 2000. StarNews file photo.

Q. What happened to the WWAY 1990′s weatherman named Ken?

A. Andy Combs, general manager at WWAY TV-3, suggests the reader may be asking about Kim Downing, who worked as a forecaster at the television station for over 20 years.

Downing died on Nov. 10, 2006. He was a Rocky Point resident.

“If you are referring to Kim Downing, he passed away a few years ago. He worked at the station before I arrived,” Combs said. “Unfortunately, I never got a chance to meet him. Those folks that work here who did say he was a wonderful person.”


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