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The expansion of Harris Teeter on Oleander is huge. What else will be in the store after the expansion is done?

John Peaspanen
StarNews staff photo.The expansion of the Harris Teeter store, 3501 Oleander Drive, No. 18, in the Hanover Center, will add 5,302 square feet to the existing 45,000-square-foot building. According to Harris Teeter Communication Manager Catherine Reuhl, construction is expected to be completed in August 2012, although that timeframe is tentative.

Reuhl said, “We are adding a cheese island, pizza bar, Asian/American hot bar, new salad bar, large seating area and beer cooler, as well as express online shopping.”

Reuhl added that Harris Teeter is also updating portions of the store’s decor.

“Our goal is to offer our customers an excellent shopping experience on every visit to Harris Teeter,” said Reuhl. “An excellent shopping experience starts with customer service and includes the highest quality perishables, the greatest variety and selection, as well as clean and modern stores. Upon completion of the remodel, we hope our customers enjoy the new look of and the new amenities in their Hanover Center Harris Teeter; and we appreciate their patience during the remodel process.”

The expanded Harris Teeter store will have a number of Earth-friendly features, including a white, reflective-energy roof, low-flow faucets, heat reclamation systems, and non-ozone depleting refrigerants. Reuhl added that the remodel will include glass and LED-lighted doors on the dairy, beer, packaged meat and packaged produce sections. Those lights will be set on motion sensors to cut down on energy waste.

With a total of eight stores located in Wilmington, as well as one in Hampstead and one in Leland, shoppers at the other Harris Teeter locations may wonder if their store will soon see similar upgrades. For consumers who shop at the 820 S. College Road store (near Wilshire Boulevard), the answer is yes.

“To make certain our facilities are up-to-date, we have a scheduled frequency for updating our stores and their amenities; and we do have plans in 2012 to launch another remodel in Wilmington,” said Reuhl. “I do not have confirmed details yet for the upcoming remodel and am thus unable to share additional information. I do know we plan to start the remodel mid to late summer.”

 While Reuhl said that Harris Teeter’s remodel/expansion projects are not expected to generate additional jobs in Wilmington, she did encourage interested applicants to apply online at harristeeter.jobs.

Harris Teeter Inc. is a food market chain with 206 retail stores operating in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Maryland, Delaware and the District of Columbia. The company is headquartered in Matthews, N.C., and currently employs approximately 24,000 people.

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