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Can the StarNews TV Listings include the local listings for RTV, Bounce and This TV?

Robyn Tomlin

Q. Can the StarNews TV Listings be re-done to include the local listings for RTV, Bounce, and This TV (the secondary channels of WWAY, WECT, and WSFX)? The current listings include the secondary channels on UNC TV (Channel 39) but not channels 3, 6, and 26.

A. This is a tricky question.

On the one hand, yes we could include these listings. The service provider we use aggregates listings from all of the local stations, so that information is available to us.

On the other hand, to include these three stations, we’d have to remove the equivalent number of other channels from the printed listings, since we only have a set amount of space allotted to these listings each day.

The stations we currently have listed are the ones that are most commonly available across all local cable networks. They are also the stations that have the highest overall viewership. When local television stations moved to digital programming, many added secondary station programming. Most of those that have been added, however, are either not available across multiple cable providers or do not get ratings that justify removing another station from the current listings.

We review the listing provided on a regular basis and will add these stations to our list of those to consider going forward.

In the meantime, all of the listings for all of our local cable providers are available at www.StarNewsOnline.com/tv


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2 Responses to “ Can the StarNews TV Listings include the local listings for RTV, Bounce and This TV?”

  1. On April 11, 2012 at 4:51 pm Wayne wrote:

    Remove the listings for the out of town stations we don’t get like Raleigh (5), Durham (11), Greenville (9), Washington (7), and New Bern (12) and just keep it local. That would free up the blocks for 3, 6, 10, and 26’s secondary channels. I would rather have listings for Bounce, This and RTV the stations we get here rather than out of market channels no one can pick up over the air or on cable. Should not be that difficult to do.

  2. On April 23, 2013 at 6:01 pm Henry wrote:

    My suggestion is that the powers that be consider devoting a whole page to the TV listings like the Sun News in Myrtle Beach.
    They devote a full page to listings and articles about what to watch daily on TV,like a daily entertainment page. Many of the articles concerning entertainment value like the entertainment news and notes on page 2 could be incorporated into a full page of daily entertainment news along with the listings. I have been a print subscriber for years and the Star’s TV listings do not compare with other papers even those owned by Halifax. Now would be a great time to make improvements with all the great changes happening to our local paper. The paper looks great, but I would like to see a revamped TV section.

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