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Why are people driving around with expired license tags?

Brian Freskos

How many of these cars have expired license tags? Staff photo by Si Cantwell.

Q. What is going on with the law enforcement officers in this town? I see people driving all over town with tags that have been expired for a year or more. Why are they getting away with it? Everyone should have to pay, not just the honest people.

A. Police enforce the law but they generally give drivers a warning so they have a second chance to renew their registration before getting a ticket.

Sgt. Mike Donelson, supervisor of the Wilmington Police Department’s traffic unit, said officers have discretion on whether to give a warning or write a ticket. Generally, he said, if the registration is more than 30 days past due then a ticket will be issued.

Earlier this year, I saw firsthand how police officers enforce the registration law. My registration was past due and the officer who pulled me over the first time gave me a warning. I was pull over again about a month later and the officer wrote me a ticket.


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2 Responses to “ Why are people driving around with expired license tags?”

  1. On April 23, 2012 at 4:23 pm teresa mcdonald wrote:

    Thank Your answering my question but still i ve seen tags around town and they are out as much as a year also working in the repo buisness you see this alot

  2. On May 1, 2012 at 11:23 pm thetruth wrote:

    the inspection business is the fleecing of americans by politicians and the automobile industry. this started way before campaign reporting was serious business. it is absolutely antiquated. the frame on a car could be cracked and ready to bust loose and a cause a car to veer into on-coming traffic, but that won’t be checked; instead you AUTOMATICALLY have to pay money for a service no matter cost or price or importance(pretty much handcuffed)… unless you’re riding dirty, to answer your question.
    its the same reason that would should be able to do our own taxes but instead we have an umpteen thousand page tax book built buy lobbyists and corporate campaign funding. and now you have to pay someone to get your taxes done right, unless you’re an accountant. simplicity is not hard

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