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On the side of the WWII fighter plane recovered in the Green Swamp is written LaScola Chief. Who was LaScola Chief?

Jim Ware

The complete question:

I noticed in the Featured Links: World War II Fighter Plane Recovered in Green Swamp, that on the side of the plane it is written LaScola Chief.  Do you have any information on who LaScola Chief was? Since LaScola is my maiden name I am curious.  Thank you for any information you can give me. 

And the answer:

The reference was to Staff Sgt. Lou Lascola, 457th Fighter Squadron crew chief.

Wesley A. Murphey Jr. was the pilot of the P-47B Thunderbolt that crashed in the Green Swamp in 1944 and the pilot of P-51 Mustang “Nip Nocker” in Iwo Jima with the 457th Fighter Squadron.

Both their names appear on the photo of Murphey with the Mustang.

 Source: “Very Long Range P-51 Mustang Units of the Pacific War” by Carl Molesworth, http://www.amazon.com/Range-Mustang-Units-Pacific-Aviation/dp/1846030420


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Jackie LaScola Langley

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