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Why doesn’t the school zone sign on Sanders Road list hours for reduced speed?

Pressley Baird

The sign at Bellamy Elementary School is an advisory sign. StarNews photo by Si Cantwell.

The typical school zone sign asks drivers to slow down during certain times during the day. But at Bellamy Elementary on Sanders Road, the sign looks a little different.

Bellamy Elementary’s sign is an advisory sign instead of an ordinace sign, said Bill Hance, assistant superintendent for operations. In layman’s terms – and what most drivers care about – that means there aren’t set times that the speed limit is in effect.

School zones usually have set times for reduced speeds when there’s a lot of foot traffic coming from the school, said Katie Hite, the Department of Transportation’s traffic engineer for New Hanover County. The DOT’s Municipal and School Transportation Assistance Unit studied the Sanders Road area and found that there weren’t pedestrians there, she said.

Since the sign is just an advisory, the highway patrol can’t write a driver a ticket for speeding during a set time in that area, Hite said. But “they could write tickets for other things, like reckless driving, failure to yield,” she said.

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One Response to “ Why doesn’t the school zone sign on Sanders Road list hours for reduced speed?”

  1. On March 14, 2012 at 11:32 am Kelley Jones wrote:

    Why is there not a “School Zone Ahead” sign in advance of the “School Zone” signs?