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Teens are speeding on dirt bikes off Mount Misery Road. Does law enforcement know?

Jason Gonzales

The complete question: Teens on dirt bikes are racing in the Hoods Creek subdivision off Mt. Misery Road at speeds up to 50 mph. They are speeding and not wearing helmets. Is the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Department aware of this activity and are they doing all they can to stop it?

And the answer: Before the StarNews contacted the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office, deputies said they were unaware of the situation in the Hoods Creek subdivision, according to spokesman Sgt. Del Routh.

However, deputies have since stepped up patrols in the area to try to stop the teens.

These types of situations are common in rural areas, Routh said, and he wanted to leave a couple notes for residents to consider when reporting these types of incidents.

The first is deputies can do their job faster if those reporting the incidents know the names or addresses of the teens. This is because deputies do not chase after dirt bikes for fear of an accident that might harm either the speeder or the deputy.

The rationale, he said, is that deputies can make contact with the parent and try to stop the behavior that way.

Secondly, Routh said residents should not be afraid to talk to deputies about these types of incidents. Deputies work to be understanding, he said, and try to meet as many safety needs for the community as possible.

He noted residents can leave anonymous tips to deputies.

Reports can be made by calling the county’s main line at 910-253-2777, or toll free at 1-800-672-6379.

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