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Is it against the law to kill moles in North Carolina?

John Peaspanen


Killing moles isn't illegal, but certain restrictions do apply. Photos.com

While it is not illegal to kill moles in North Carolina, as with other animals, certain regulations apply.

Charles V. French, management biologist with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, said, “Moles may be killed in North Carolina. Wildlife Damage Control agents are licensed to provide this service to landowners experiencing problems with moles and other wildlife. A list of agents by county can be found on the NCWRC Web site at www.ncwildlife.org. Individuals wishing to trap moles on their own would need to obtain a depredation permit from the Division of Wildlife Management. Use of poison is not labeled and legal for moles in North Carolina.”

French added that mole problems may be due to insect larvae present in a home’s lawn. Application of an insecticide may remove this food source, causing the moles to move elsewhere, thus eliminating the need to kill them.

Labeled poisons and traps may be used for rats, mice and voles. Squirrel control, outside the normal hunting seasons, would require a depredation permit to kill or trap.

French advised that homeowners would be wise to investigate all options prior to killing wildlife on their properties. He said, “Professional help and advice is always the better option.”

Further information and depredation permits may be obtained by calling the North Carolina Division of Wildlife Management at (919) 707-0050.

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2 Responses to “ Is it against the law to kill moles in North Carolina?”

  1. On March 1, 2014 at 1:13 pm John Darlington wrote:

    If it’s on my property (not government land) , and not an endangered species. I kill them. Screw the permit. It’s not like I’m hunting with a gun. Squirrels too. [Expletive deleted] squirrels constantly chew up my phone sat TV cables, security camera cables. My neighbors all do the same. Kill them in various ways or poison them.

    And yes, I’ve tried many non lethal solutions. They either don’t work, or the pests come back.

    Ridiculous we need a permit to get rid of vermin on our land.

  2. On April 4, 2014 at 12:02 pm Robert wrote:

    Nice response, Carl Spackler.