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Are the owners of El Cerro Grande, El Agave and Plaza Mariachi the same?

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Restaurant manager Alejandro Hernandez said Plaza Mariachi at 326 S. College Road, Wilmington [Map this], is owned by three people. They are Ramon Ayala, Rosalio Flores, and Juan Leon. Hernandez said the trio owns seven different restaurants operating under different names.

El Agave in Independence Mall is owned by Manuel Ibarra, who also owns three El Cerro Grande restaurants in Wilmington: one at 1051 Military Cutoff Road, Wilmington [Map this]; a second at 341 South College Road, Wilmington [Map this]; and the third at 5120 South College Road, Wilmington [Map this]. Ibarra also owns two El Cerro Grande restaurants in Jacksonville, NC.

Manuel Ibarra is part of an extended family of brothers and cousins who own 13 restaurants in North and South Carolina, including the three in Wilmington. The original El Cerro Grande opened in Wilmington in January 1991.

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