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Are scouting organizations invited to march in the Azalea Festival Parade?

Azalea Festival Parade

The Azalea Festival Youth Committee marches in the 2011 Azalea Festival Parade. (StarNews file photo)

Doug Clevinger, scout executive of Cape Fear Council Boy Scouts of America, said the organization doesn’t get an official invitation to participate in the parade but he adds, “We have numerous individual scouting groups and they decide on their own what they want to participate in. We leave it up to them to determine, and if they want to do it, we’ll encourage it.”

The absence of scouts marching in the parade, officials of the North Carolina Azalea Festive Parade seem to agree, isn’t due to the lack of a welcome. Officials say the Boy and Girl Scouts have an open invitation to be a part of the parade, as do other organizations that want to participate.

“We would love to have the Boy and Girl Scouts be a part of the parade this year. We’d love to have them as an entry and would work with them any way we can to make this happen,” said Parade Chair John Russ. “Typically, all units complete an online application to participate in the parade. The entire festival is run off of fees, donations, and volunteers so it is hard to let any one particular group participate for free.”

It would cost a unit like the Boys and Girls Scouts $350 to enter to participate in the parade in 2012.

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