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Who’s responsible for maintaining the Cross-City Trail?

Cross-City Trail sign

Most of the Cross-City Trail is maintained by the city. (StarNews file photo)

The full question:

“Who is responsible for maintaining the areas along the Cross-City Trail section between Oleander and Canterbury? The area is full of litter and dead vegetation and has been for many months, even before Hurricane Irene. There are still some remnants of the construction such as stakes and tapes. I walk along there several times a week and it is disheartening to see such a mess. I’d like to mount a project to clean it up.”

And the answer:

The Gary Shell Cross-City Trail, with the exception of the portion of trail going through the University of North Carolina Wilmington campus, is maintained by the City of Wilmington’s Parks, Tree Management and Athletics Facilities Division, according to division Director Amy Beatty.

The Cross-City Trail is among 60 acres of greenway the division maintains.

“While the city would like to increase maintenance on the trail, there are limited resources with which to do so,” Beatty said. “The city is currently exploring alternatives to enhance maintenance efforts such as Adpot-A Trail programs.”

She noted the dead vegetation has most likely been there for a long period of time and was exposed when the trail was constructed.

Although the vegetation is outside the city’s easement, city crews are now evaluating the possibilities for removal, Beatty said.

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