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Where is WGNI’s Carter Mann?

Amanda Lisk

Due to financial cutbacks, Carter Mann was replaced with less expensive syndication at Wilmington radio station WGNI, according to Mann.

WGNI did not respond to email questions about Mann. A visit to theCarterMannprogram.com website tracked Mann down to find he’s still living in Wilmington as he searches for another host job. He was thrilled at the opportunity to bid farewell to his Wilmington listeners:

Carter Mann

Carter Mann. (Contributed photo)

“Carter Mann here! Thanks for the question. So many times, when a radio host like myself is let go, we don’t get a chance to say goodbye to the listening audience.

Basically, I am just the latest casualty of a failing radio industry. If you think economic times are tough, it’s doubly tough in the radio industry. In fact, it was getting bad before the recent recession. That just compounded the problem.

“What’s the problem? A lot of factors play in, from radio legislation to new media format choices such as iPods, CDs and Internet. It also doesn’t help that many local businesses don’t rely on radio for their advertising anymore.

“In order for radio companies to stay afloat, they have had little choice, in recent years, but to reduce their staffs significantly. It’s, actually, been raining fired-radio-folk consistently for a few years now, from managers on down. It’s a well-known fact across the country within the radio industry, but it’s been kept off the radar from the public fairly well by ‘the powers that be’ within the industry. Mostly by terminating show hosts, and then never breathing a word about it on-air, or responding to listener questions.

“In my case, it’s the second time in two years that I’ve lost my job to budget cuts, and with two major radio companies. Many of my radio friends have left the business altogether as most of us see the writing on the wall.

“The days of the high-, or even decently, paid radio hosts is over, and never coming back. The creative aspects have been thrown on the back burner, and there’s very little budget for prizes anymore. Experience and skill have been replaced by ‘Who’s willing to work for the cheapest.”

“It’s so bad, in many cases, that the radio company can’t even afford to replace their hosts with less expensive hosts, and have to syndicate a show from somewhere else, removing the local flavor altogether.

“That’s the short version of what happened to me, with a little update on the state of the radio industry thrown in for good measure!

“What I’d really like to say is that it has been a privilege to host mornings here in Wilmington for the past two years. I had a great time working with Jackie Jordan, and if I could, I’d sweep in and save the day by resuming my post from 5:30 a.m. to 10 a.m., but alas, it’s not in my power.

“I’d like to thank all of my listeners for sharing their time with me each morning as I attempted to make each day an adventure for all of us! I will truly miss the gig. Thanks again for letting me into your offices, cars and showers!”

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2 Responses to “ Where is WGNI’s Carter Mann?”

  1. On November 17, 2011 at 9:06 am miles zimmer wrote:

    Why did you get rid of the Best one you had? You replaced him with no talent and we would rather hear the recorded weather and traffic out of Atlanta. That you play! Your entire operation over the past 3yrs has become a shell of itself! If you guys want to make it, Take this word of advice, Go back to the way it was starting with management, to on air ,to sales. The experiment you have chosen has FAILED!

  2. On November 18, 2011 at 11:51 am Henry wrote:

    One of the main reasons local radio is having a hard time surviving is that our local stations have not adapted to new technology available which would allow them to better compete with satellite services and internet music providers. Just travel to Raleigh or Charleston, SC and you will find most stations are broadcasting in the HD format which provides static free reception and offers a wider variety of mucic choices. Stations in those markets provide listemers with additional over the air channels ranging from jazz to bluegrass and alternative music. HD radio has been around for a while and only WHQR locally offers the service. They saw the need to better provide their listeners with a full time classical channel in addition to their regular programming. HD receivers are common now in vehicles and in the home, and if local stations want to survive, then they need to upgrade to HD to win back listeners from other providers. Most of our local stations are owned by the big media companies which own stations in Raleigh and Charleston. If they can upgrade in those markets, they why not here, unless Wilmington stations are a tax write off to them.
    I seek out and listen to the HD choices when travelling, locally we do not have that option except for WHQR which should be commended for investing in the future.

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