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Must landlords notify tenants if a maintenance worker is a sex offender?

Larry Sackett

According to Detective Sandi Macon, supervisor of the New Hanover County Sex Offender Registration Unit, the answer is no, landlords are not obligated to inform tenants if an employee, such as a maintenance worker, is a sex offender.

Under North Carolina General Statutes 14-208.5 through 14-208.45, people convicted of sexual offenses such as violent rape or sex with a minor are required to register with county sheriffs. North Carolina law mandates a 30-year registration requirement for those persons. Registered sex offenders are forbidden to knowingly reside within 1,000 feet of the property on which a public or non-public school or child care center is located. They are prohibited from working or volunteering for child-involved care or supervision. Also, they cannot be on the premises of any place intended to be used primarily by minors, such as schools, children’s museums, child care centers, nurseries and playgrounds.

You can map all offenders’ addresses up to five miles away from any site you choose, such as a home, school, child care center or park, by going to the North Carolina Department of Justice Sex Offender Registry. The registry shows 157 registered offenders in Brunswick County, 224 in New Hanover County, and 88 in Pender County.

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One Response to “ Must landlords notify tenants if a maintenance worker is a sex offender?”

  1. On November 15, 2011 at 9:34 pm concerned wrote:

    registered sex offenders that were arrested and convicted under the previous law (prior to Sept 2008), are grandfathered under the previous law and can live within 1000 feet of day cares, schools etc. sad but true.