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Do council members or county commissioners receive benefits after they leave office?

Kevin Maurer
Wilmington council chambers

Wilmington City Council chambers in Thalian Hall. (StarNews file photo)

Not in Wilmington, and only after a decade of service in New Hanover County.

Malissa Talbert, a spokeswoman for the City of Wilmington, said former council members are eligible for COBRA coverage. COBRA is a federal requirement and allows from 18 to 27 months of coverage after leaving employment. The former employee pays 100 percent of the cost, Talbert said.

But a county commissioner can get 50 percent of his or her insurance coverage paid if he or she served at least 10 years on the board. The years do not have to be consecutive, and the commissioner is responsible for the cost of dependents.

“A commissioner who leaves office and qualifies for continued coverage under this policy must at age 65 obtain primary coverage through the federal Medicare plan (Parts A and B), which will become primary, and the county‚Äôs medical insurance plan will assume secondary responsibility for covered medical expenses,” according to the county personnel policy.

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