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Who is blocking access to the marsh along Wrightsville Avenue and why?

Ken Little
Wrightsville Avenue fence

The city is investigating whether a fence erected along Wrightsville Avenue near Bradley Creek violates local ordinances. (StarNews photo by Matt Born)

There is an approximately 6-foot-tall fence that has been constructed along Wrightsville Avenue near Bradley Creek where Wrightsville Avenue crosses Bradley Creek, said Malissa Talbert, spokeswoman for the city of Wilmington.

The fence may be on private property and not within the street right-of-way, Talbert said.

“The city does not know who installed the fence and the fence may be in violation of city ordinance. Code enforcement has been sent out to determine if the fence is in violation,” she said. “If it is, the property owner will be sent a notice of violation.”

Talbert said that according to city ordinance, fences are allowed in front yards along the street in residential areas, provided that they are no more than 4 feet in height.

Fences in excess of 4 feet are allowed, provided that they are reviewed and approved by the city’s Board of Adjustment and they don’t exceed 6 feet in height along major streets, she said.

Fences over 4 feet in height must be set back a minimum of 15 feet from the street right-of-way and at least 50 percent of the fence above 4 feet must be open along the entire length to allow for a clear view from one side to the other, Talbert said.

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One Response to “ Who is blocking access to the marsh along Wrightsville Avenue and why?”

  1. On September 26, 2011 at 10:39 am Bruce wrote:

    By the rules just listed, wouldn’t the house at the corner of Market st and 23rd st be in violation?

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