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When will Jeb Stuart Drive between Early and Henry H. Watters drives be repaved?

Ken Little
Traffic barricade

Ongoing budget shortfalls have resulted in “significant” reductions in funding for street paving, repaving and repairs.

It’s a matter of priorities these days for Jeb Stuart Drive and other city of Wilmington-maintained streets, city spokeswoman Malissa Talbert said.

The reason is “ongoing budget shortfalls over the last four years.”

The shortfalls have resulted in “significant” reductions in funding for street paving, repaving and repairs, among other services, Talbert said.

“The city has managed to start putting some additional funding back into street repairs and paving for the last two fiscal years, but still faces much greater needs and demands for services than there is available funding to provide,” she said.

Talbert said in Fiscal Year 2011-12, which began July 1, 2011, funding for street repairs was increased to $1 million, which is $250,000 more than last year’s budget.

“The increased needs and ongoing shortfalls has prompted the city to reassess how street paving and repaving projects are prioritized. Instead of focusing resources on one area of the city each year as has been done in the past, the city will be focusing funding and manpower on major thoroughfares streets with larger traffic volumes,” she said.

The change is being made “to make sure limited funding is being spent where it has the great impact to the largest number of people. To further make sure limited dollars are used as efficiently as possible, the city is conducting a review of the condition of all the streets in the city,” she said.

“The results will be used to identify those streets in the greatest need of repair, and then prioritize the use of the limited dollars available for paving and repairs accordingly.”

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