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How many former Wilmington mayors are still alive?

Ben Steelman

Wilmington’s living ex-mayors include John Symmes (1972), Ben Halterman (1975-1983), Don Betz (1987-1997), Hamilton Hicks (1997-1999), David L. Jones (1999-2001), Harper Peterson (2001-2003) and Spence Broadhurst (2003-2006).

Except for Broadhurst – who resigned to relocate to Greensboro as a regional executive with SunTrust Banks – all of them still live in the area.

Among more recent mayors, Dan D. Cameron (1956-1958) died in 2005, J.E.L. “Hi, Buddy” Wade (1949-1950, 1958-1960) died in 1980, E.S. Capps (1952-1953, 1960-1961) died in 1971, O.O. Allsbrook (1961-1970) died in 1974, Luther M. Cromartie (1970-1971) died in 1989, B.D. Schwartz (1971-1972) died in 2001, William Schwartz (1983-1987) died in 2003 and Berry A. Williams (1985-1987) died in 2008.

Herbert B. Brand, who served from 1973 to 1975, might hold the record for mayoral longevity; he died in 2005 at the age of 99.

B.D. Schwartz and William Schwartz were brothers. The roll of Wilmington mayors also includes at least one father-son pair: Bruce B. Cameron Sr. (who died in office in 1944 after serving less than a year) and Dan D. Cameron.

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