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When will GPS devices start to pick up traffic updates via FM signals in the Wilmington area?

Brian Freskos
Traffic light

Traffic reports via GPS and NAVTEQ aren't yet available in Wilmington. (StarNews file photo)

Traffic coverage for GPS devices like Garmin is provided by a Chicago-based company called NAVTEQ. However, while coverage extends to dozens of major cities around the United States, the company does not provide the service to customers in Wilmington – at least not yet.

Asked if the company plans on expanding its coverage to the Port City, NAVTEQ said by email, “NAVTEQ is constantly expanding its traffic coverage. U.S. efforts right now are focused on expanded arterial coverage in larger metropolitan areas and coinciding connecting roads. Wilmington is therefore not on the short-term road map, but this could change at some point in the future.”

Not every Garmin device is traffic compatible. Carly Baltes, communications specialist for Garmin International, said the models that do receive traffic updates are indicated with a “T” following the model number. The service is free on compatible devices. Visit the Garmin Live Traffic site for more information.

One of Garmin’s competitors, TomTom, says it provides up-to-date traffic information across all major and secondary roads within the U.S. road network, delivering updates every two minutes. That includes Wilmington, a company spokeswoman said. Unlike Garmin, TomTom operates its own traffic update system, called TomTom HD Traffic.

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