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What can you tell me about J.W. Harrington, former principal at New Hanover High School?

Chuck Carree
J.W. Harrington

J.W. Harrington (Contributed photo)

J.W. Harrington turned 94 years old on March 25, 2011, and still resides in Wilmington. Both his wife, Edna, and two sons are still alive.

Harrington has lived across the state, ranging from Burlington to Fayetteville and Wilmington.

Before coming to Wilmington, he was worked in business in Fayetteville, but had a strong desire to return to education.

Upon return, he was a coach and teacher at Forest Hills School, which he says was grades one through 10. He coached three sports there.

He also worked at Bradley Creek and Winter Park schools before becoming principal at Sunset Junior High School for eight years.

Later he became principal at New Hanover, where he believes he stayed until the middle 1960s. He then left for a principal job at Walter William High School in Burlington.

He also is a military veteran.

“He is just a fine fellow,’’ said Bob Moore, a former New Hanover principal and friend of Harrington’s.

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One Response to “ What can you tell me about J.W. Harrington, former principal at New Hanover High School?”

  1. On November 11, 2011 at 4:13 pm Vera Walker wrote:

    Dale K. Spencer was principal in 1955-56 according to my sophomore yearbook and he remained principal through my graduating year, 1958. I do not know when he retired. Found in The Star:
    April 12, 1961: Dale K. Spencer, assistant to School Superintendent Earl C. Funderburk, eliminated himself as a possible successor to Funderburk, whose resignation was to become effective in July as he prepared to take a job in Fairfax, Va.