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How did the Marlboro region of Pender County get its name?

Kelly Poe

There used to be a “Marlboro” stop on the railroad line through that area of Pender County, said Mike Taylor, director of the Pender County Public Library.

An 1859 railroad timetable for the Wilmington & Weldon Railroad shows Marlboro as one of the first few stops out of town.

The name of the community near Rocky Point is likely related to this stop, Taylor said.

Why the stop is so named is unknown, but Taylor said it’s likely related to the layer of marlstone underneath the ground in the Rocky Point region. He said the rock broke the ground’s surface in several places, which might have inspired people to call that area Marlboro.

Mark Koenig, executive director of the Wilmington Railroad Museum, said the stops often took their names from large estates or farms nearby, and there might have been an estate there.

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